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Discipleship Tape Ministries
Into His Likeness
Selected Poetry
by Russell Kelfer

Series: Selected Poems

Poem: Here Comes The Bride

Here Comes The Bride

Here comes the bride!
What a day that will be,
When angels shout in unison
As Jesus' bride they see.

He's planned the perfect wedding;
Each detail's in place.
And, oh what grand excitement,
When we but see His face,

And know that as the anthems ring,
And as the trumpets blast,
The wedding will take place, and then
We will be His at last.

Here comes the groom, our Saviour.
Such patient love He's shown.
And, now, at last we'll know Him,
As even we are known.

Here come the guests, the multitudes,
Who, in God's sovereign plan,
Have come to witness this event
That stuns the mind of man.

Here comes the bride, what glory,
In garments pure and white,
No sin to mar those garments;
She's covered with His light.

Here comes the celebration,
All grief and sorrow gone.
We know this celebration
Will yet go on and on,

For Jesus and His bride will be
Forever, now as one.
We are the bride, Beloved,
Engaged to God's own Son.

So every time the organ plays,
Or wedding bells do chime,
Dear Christian, pray, "Lord Jesus, come!"
Please hasten Lord, the time,

When in the light of your great plan
The ties of earth you'll sever,
And at the wedding of the Lamb


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