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Into His Likeness
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Bible Lessons
by Russell Kelfer (Preview)


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Russell Kelfer taught over 700 Bible lessons covering a wide range of Biblical topics helping Christians learn to remake their life into the image of Christ. You can use the list below to read, listen, print and/or order study materials based on these lessons.

Lessons are arranged by series, groups of messages taught sequentially about a specific area of Christian living. Typically, these messages should be assimilated in order.

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Lessons by Series

Angels (1340-1346)

Assurance (53-54)

Beatitudes (527-556)

Caring Church in a Hurting World, The (1100-1105)

Character of God, The (1238-1243)

Fictional Stories

First Timothy (1215-1229)

Four Callings of God, The (1236-1237)

Fruit of the Spirit, The (1205-1214a)

God's Amazing Grace (1347-1353)

In Everything Give Thanks (965-968)

Joseph and the Sovereignty of God (1230-1235)

Let God Be God (969-997)

Little Known Legends (1244-1249)

Living Legends 1 (701-737)

Living Legends 2 (950-964)

Living Legends 3 (1106-1114)

Living Lessons From Proverbs (901-931)

Living the End Times (932-935)

Making the Spiritual Switch (1120-1128)

Mind of Christ, The (1301-1316)

Miscellaneous Messages

Obedience (514-519a)

Parables of Scripture, The (1354-1378)

Possessing the Land: The Process of Mentoring (1367-1378)

Prayer: God's "Secret" Weapon (1328-1339)

Promises and God's Word (510-514)

Starting Over (1201-1204)

Testing (519b-526)

Tough Choices (1324-1327)

What the Word Says About Word (1317-1322)

Will of God, The (1115-1119)


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